Calendar 2024

Annual Couple's Dinner

This took place on Friday 9th of February 2024 celebrating Marriages from 6:00pm at United Kenya Club. This is always a day of merrymaking, learning and more fun. It happens every 2nd Friday or Saturday of February. The next one shall be held next year 2024. Check other events

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Marriage Preparation Classes

These are classes for couples preparing to get married in church. The content in Christian based and suitable for all who uphold Christian values. The classes are open for all those interested irrespective of their parishes of origin. Just note that we always fix a physical meeting on the Saturday that follows session 8.
This is a program for couples preparing to get married (or to wed) in 2024. The talks have 8 broad topics facilitated our parish priest together with the encountered couples. The sessions will be physical or virtual depending on the facilitators for the said topic.
class 1 of 2024

These sessions will be three in the year as enlisted below. We rely on encountered couples some of whom are from other parishes to facilitate the topics. Interested couples to be mentored as facilitators are encouraged.
class 2 of 2024

The above activities shall be conducted through participation of all Marriage & Family ministry members drawn from St. Paul's Couples Enrichment Forum, Marriage Encounter cell, and all general parish members who so desire to belong and walk with others. 
Note: TBA - To be announced/Agreed 
          APP - As per Parish
class 3 of 2024

Family Enrichment program for 2024 will be every last Friday of the month from 8:00pm to 9:00pm via zoom. Above is the previous one.