What We Do

What We Do

In order to keep the fire of Family Life burning, the group engage in various activities that enrich family life. The programs are geared toward ensuring strong and fulfilling family life vocation. All members who are in family vocation are always encouraged to join this group.

Preparing Couples for Marriage

This is one of the oldest activities for the group and has grown beyond St. Paul's to other parishes. At St Paul's, we have three sessions yearly, usually in the months of February/March, June/July and October/November. The sessions run for eight consecutive weeks in which eight topics are handled. Check our calendar for more

Worldwide Marriage Encounter (ME) Cells

A group of Encountered couples who periodically meet in homes to read and discuss a selected bible verse with respect to marriage and family life and when possible catch up on some contemporary family challenges and possible solutions/mitigation strategies.

Couples/Family Enrichment Program

This is one of the main programs meant for the group to reach out to all parishioners and beyond. It was initiated by former parish priest, Fr. Kanja. Through this, couples journey with the each other throughout their family life in order to ensure happy and successful marriage life. Some of the engagements include:

  • Organizing world marriage day couples dinners Organizing for enrichment sessions conducted every last Friday of the month at 6:00pm.
  • Reviewing the marriage life of those who went through premarital classes by inviting them for reunion meetings
  • Planning, through the church leadership, renewal of marriage vows.
  • Organizing public talks, conversions and lectures on topical issues for the sake of enhancing family life.
Below is a video on how to take care of your family member with covid19 by Dr. Wahome Ngare
Here below is a session on Dating, Love and Courtship. This is suitable for all young people who hope to get married.