St.Paul's Family Life Group

Welcome to St. Paul's Family Life Group. It is one of the most important groups at St. Paul's Catholic Chapel & Parish in the University of Nairobi.

Couple's Enrichment Program

Through regular programs including talks, dinners and various engagements, we ensure that couples are continuously equipped to effectively handle the contemporary family related challenges and build a strong society

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

We mobilize and facilitate couples attending the original weekends where their flames of love are reignited and they grow as leaders to assist other couples

Preparing Couples for Marriage

We conduct talks for couples before they solemnize their marriages. This takes a total of 8 consecutive sessions usually conducted on Thursdays, only 3 times a year.

All about Family Life

Our mandate is to nurture and strengthen the family institution as a foundation for an upright and successful society. We meet every last Friday of the month for talks and reflections. These meetings are currently held via zoom platform. Check announcements to see our next meeting. You're welcome to join us!